Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

Who We Are

The Maestro, Plaza Indonesia
Multifunction Hall for The Premium Class

The Bundaran HI, with its Selamat Datang statue, has lately been famous for hosting demonstrations by people with various messages that they would like to get across to the general public. Why here? Perhaps because Bundaran HI, with two of the best shopping malls of Indonesia surrounding it, serve as the perfect platform.

Plaza Indonesia, which opened its doors in 1990, was the first luxury mall of its kind in Indonesia, offering high-end shopping and dining choices to the discerning premium shoppers of Jakarta and beyond.

It is in the corner of this very mall that Benny Budhijanto spotted an opportunity. An opportunity to build The MAESTRO, a multi-function hall that can be used for various purposes, such as private party, seminar, company gatherings, wedding ceremonies, etc. Benny, the director and co-founder of The Maestro, stated that this 9.5 x 30 meter function room is open for all sort of gatherings, including arisan by the hi-society ladies.

The Maestro can be filled up to 450 people. Located in Plaza Indonesia, it is easily accessible from all corners of Jabodetabek, be it with private vehicles and/or public transportation. Benny, who also dabbles as an interior designer as well as F&B and business development consultant, claims “everybody knows Bundaran HI, which is within walking distance to the Maestro.”

The Maestro is equipped with an excellent sound sytem, which Benny demonstrated by turning up the volume, filling the function hall with music from the Adamsons hi-fi equipment. Coupled with excellent acoustic which seals it from external noise, the Maestro is ready to “rock your world.”

With amenities such as an LCD Projector with a Giant Screen, VIP Room, Full Band equipment, as well as a wide selection of International menu items, the Maestro is indeed a complete first choice for your next event.

Benny explains “there are three choices of food, Indonesian, Europe/Western, and Chinese. Customers can pick menu items from the Red Pepper and Tan Tan food outlets, as well as the William Wongso selection for the VIP variant.”

The concept of the Maestro is commensurate with its location in perhaps the finest shopping center in Indonesia. As Benny says, “this is a premium function hall, yet we are flexible enough to offer reasonable price packages.”

Benny and his two partners, Jimmy Santoso and Setiabudi Rahardjo invested close to US$ 300,000, to convert the “no man’s land” corner of Plaza Indonesia, into a premium function hall for the masses.

The Maestro is only two months old as of June 2010. Benny is confident that the hall will bear fruit for him and his partners within three years. Continues Benny, “we have dozens of inquiries on a daily basis, and thus far, the Maestro have hosted prestigious events, company launching, press conferences, as well as the routine birthday parties.”